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General Health and Safety (for Information)

As with all organisations, Alford Valley Railway Company Limited is subject to Health and Safety legislation. The overriding responsibility of our service is to ensure passenger safety at all times and our policies and procedures reflect this, applying equally to employees and volunteer workers as to the general public.

Our Health and Safety Policy is appropriate to all current Health and Safety legislation and best practice. In addition we also adopt relevant recommendations from the Office of Rail Regulation. Our Policy is reviewed and revised in light of changes in business circumstances or amendments in legislation.

AVR Employees and Workers:
All AVR workers participate and are assessed in induction, on-the-job, seasonal, annual and competency training which is recorded and agreed as part of standard work records. Each member of staff is issued with a Health and Safety Handbook. The company has a Health and Safety Officer and also a Director for Health and Safety. Our company operates its Health and Safety procedures, including risk assessments appropriate to our operation, as part of work systems.
For Event Holders, Group Outings and School Trips, Alford Valley Railway expects risk assessments to be performed by the attending/booking group.. AVR Co. Ltd. does not perform risk assessments for organisations other than itself.

Rolling Stock:
AVR operational rolling stock is maintained by an Engineering Specialist who performs regular engine services in accordance with an annual pre-determined schedule of work. We also perform sessional engine and carriage maintenance prior to any time/day of operation. The engine driver is responsible for the safe operation of the train and passengers are advised to check with the driver or an informed member of staff prior to journey times etc. The driver may vary the train timetable if safety is compromised due for instance, to extremes of weather, eg. rain, snow and occasionally heat, or for some other reason.

Alford Valley Railway Company Limited does not permit rail enthusiasts, or indeed, anyone who is not a member of staff, to walk on the line, or to enter our engine sheds, in the interests of public and staff health and safety..

Alford Valley Railway Company Limited is insured by an approved Railway Insurance company and underwriters for employee/worker, rolling stock, public and building liability. Rolling stock and plant equipment checks and inspections are annual and prior to renewal dates. Once again, this system complies with Health and Safety regulations.